Manufacturer of abrasive blast cleaning equipment including portable blast pots, pressure blast cabinets, syphon blast cabinets, airblast tumblers, blast rooms, automated blast systems, airless blast machines and safety equipment.

Kelco Sales and Engineering has more than 100 years experience in the engineering and manufacturing of abrasive blast cleaning machines. Kelco Sales is a leading pioneer in the field. Our blast cleaning machines are advanced in design and unmatched in quality and performance. We are very proud that many of our innovative designs have been adopted and used as standards by the industry.

Our facilities total 48,000 square feet, including a machine shop, welding shop, fabrication shop and CAD department. Our staff employees include mechanical engineers and national board qualified welders with combined experience of hundreds of years in the blast cleaning industry.

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Abrasive Blast Pot Model K124C

Pressure Blast Cabinet Model CH36C

Kelco Model K124C Abrasive Blast Pot
Kelco Model CH36C Abrasive Blast Cabinet


1. NIOSH approved air-feed helmet.
2. Carbon Filter in air line to helmet.
3. Remote control to automatically stop the blast.
4. Breathable quality air for the operator.
5. CO monitor, CO filter, or oil free compression.
Breathing dust from blasting equipment can cause Silicosis, other permanent heath problems or death. Improper use of blast cleaning equipment can result in injury or death.

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